Recommended books

Written by Paul Schumacher

“A marvelous and engaging read.” 

– Pacific Book Review


“The Importance of Now pulses with energy and emotion.” – IndieReader


At 14, Shawn Stevens commits a horrible crime the day after his father’s funeral. These two events define his life. After leaving juvenile detention, he starts life over but is haunted by his past, unable to forgive anybody, including himself. When Shawn becomes a mentor, he finally confronts what he’s done, questioning everything. In a parallel story from the present, Shawn’s 13-year-old son, Aidan, finds letters in the attic introducing him to the father he never met. Aidan discovers the secrets his mom kept all these years and uncovers what drove his dad to finally forgive before it was too late.

The Tattered Box

"Original and very well written. 4 out of 4 stars!"
- Online Book Club

"A pleasant exploration of familial bonds."
- Kirkus Reviews

Eighteen-year-old John receives a peculiar gift from his elderly grandpa: a timeworn box filled with items from the past. John soon discovers what they all mean when he travels back to 1941 and suddenly finds himself the same age as his grandpa. They play baseball together, enjoy a double date, yet endure hardships and the imminent threat of war. As the items in the box become the ultimate storytellers, John hopes to appreciate his grandpa for who he is.


A Prayer for
Owen Meany

The Jesus
I Never Knew

Water From
My Heart

The Five Wishes of
Mr. Murray McBride