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The Tattered Box by Paul Schumacher is a memorable coming of age story of John, a young man coming to grips that his own father left him when he was a young boy. However, his elderly grandfather Bill leaves him a tattered box full of items evoking memories of his past. After John is hit by a baseball and knocked unconscious, he mysteriously time travels to 1941 when he again meets his grandfather as a young man the same age as him. It is as if the past, present, and future join into one time. All of the items in the tattered box are still left intact at the beginning of John's journey in the past. As he adjusts to the pre-WWII culture, he becomes friends with his grandfather whom he fondly calls Bill and shares the moments that the items in the tattered box represent. By learning more about his grandfather, John learns about himself and the importance that memories have for the future.

This is a beautifully written story that is multi-layered with rich symbolism. One of the more poignant scenes is when John and Bill observe an eagle protecting their helpless eaglets in the nest. John comments, "Their father would teach them everything he knew, then suddenly push them out of the nest, forcing them to flap their wings in one death-defying leap." This is a pivotal scene that will tie into the heartfelt ending, leaving a visual memory that will forever be embedded in a reader's mind. I highly recommend this book for the rich message it offers that moments of the past, present, and future co-exist between generations.

L.D. Tanner June 2, 2019

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Paul Schumacher is a friend, let me say that first. I respect and enjoy him and his sweet wife and family so learning he had written this book was an added pleasure. I downloaded a sample of his book, thinking I’d find a hard copy so he could sign it for me. But weeks turned to months and I lost track of that thought. Then we spoke and I immediately downloaded the rest of this book and finished it in a few hours. I was hooked immediately and considered not sleeping last night in order to finish it! I loved his writing style and could easily imagine the Wisconsin small town and people as I read his descriptions and felt the emotions and personalities of the characters. He blends real events with beautiful embellishments and brings the stories he says came from family members to life. I highly recommend this wonderful book!

GLH June 3, 2019