Hello world!

I am thrilled to begin my new author website! Thanks so much to Julie Seat in helping to get this seemingly flightless bird off the ground. It’s been a long time coming since I published The Tattered Box in November 2016. The book sold over 1,000 copies in just the first year alone, well beyond what I could have imagined. To me, the whole writing process was so enjoyable, all the way from concept to publication. Very different from my daytime engineering work. So much work, so much blood, sweat, and tears, yet at the same time, amazingly fulfilling. Is there anything in life that is both worthwhile and easy?

So what have I been doing since November 2016? Lots of life has happened, from graduations to trips and vacations to lots of hard work. On the book front, I am hard at work on my second novel with a working title of Because of You. It’s a touching story about love and forgiveness, both of yourself and of others. More to come later!

Enjoy the website! It’s a work-in-progress with lots of exciting things still to come.

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